Zanzibar Holidays

zanzibar shore
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Sometimes, traveling through the cold corners of England, you want to take a break from the rain and coolness and plunge headlong into the warmth, enjoy sunbathing and swim in the azure ocean. Holidays in Zanzibar are just what you need in such a situation!

Contact the professionals

For a good rest on a paradise island, you need to contact a company that will help you comfortably get there, stay and have fun. One of these companies is represented on the website

If you wish, you can optionally travel from Zanzibar to other African countries, where tours will also be organized for you, transport will be provided (even limousines for a wedding or other events) and all the necessary information.

zanzibar sea view
Photo by Med J on Unsplash

Zanzibar island

Zanzibar is a paradise island. It often happens that in the avenues of travel agencies and the beaches are deserted, and the sand is white, and the sea is turquoise, and then you come – and you realize that you have been cruelly deceived. And the sand is yellowish, and the sea is not turquoise, and there are a lot of people. In the case of Zanzibar, the flyer would have been the real truth. The turquoise color of the sea hits the eyes, the beaches are endless and empty. The irony is that just Zanzibar is not particularly advertised, but in vain.

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To enter Zanzibar, as well as to the territory of mainland Tanzania, you will need to apply for a visa. Citizens of some countries can do this not in advance, but already on the spot, right at the airport.

To obtain a visa, you must fill out a migration card by answering the simplest questions. Visas are issued to everyone who complies with the rules of entry. So there shouldn’t be any problems.