Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends

If you are looking for something special in Cornwall, something that will help you to see and feel the area and its culture from its most charming and beautiful side, Port Isaac Fisherman’s Friends is exactly what you need. The band, essentially an a cappella group, sings beautiful sea shanties since 1995.

The group is made up of eight people: John and Jeremy Brown, John Lethbridge, Billy Hawkins, Jason Nicholas, Toby Lobb, John McDonnell and Jon Cleave. It is interesting to know that 7 out of 8 members grew up in Port Isaac and the surrounding area and all the members were somehow linked to the sea.

Despite the fact that the Fisherman’s Friends repertoire is mainly associated with sea shanties, other nautical songs, even some fairly lewd, are also included. With the varied repertoire, the group performed at such significant music events as the 2010 Cornbury music festival in Oxfordshire, the Glastonbury Festival, and the Cambridge Folk Festival. It is worth to mention that for Fisherman’s Friends Port Isaac always remains one of the most beloved music scenes and the group regularly sings on the beach in the Summer Holidays.

Today, the group has 5 albums. The first three 3 CDs Fisherman’s Friends released themselves. In March 2010, the group signed a record deal with Universal Music and one of the most famous albums called Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends was released. The latest album called Proper Job was released in 2015 under the Sony Music Entertainment label. If you are interested in Fisherman’s Friends albums and want to learn more about the group, follow www.amazon.co.uk