Your Unforgettable Vacation in Egypt

egypt pyramids
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Egypt has been a leader in the number of vacationers from all over the world for several years. Almost every travel agency offer different tours to this country: from traditional beach vacation packages to exotic Nile cruises and amazing diving tours. Become a member of a special journey that will change all your ideas about Egypt and ancient history in general. To do this, book one of the private tours Egypt.

To enjoy Egypt, you don’t have to beg your friends — you can meet cool guys right on the trip. The organizers of the author’s tours to Egypt have compiled a top program, filled every day with vivid impressions and take all the worries on themselves.

Types of holidays in Egypt

Beach holidays in Egypt are undoubtedly the most popular. The largest selection of burning tours is offered here. There are several reasons for this: first, the purest, most beautiful, warm Red Sea, the water temperature in which does not fall below + 20 degrees (and sometimes rises to +28!). Most of the coast here is sandy, and almost every hotel offers its guests its own well-maintained beach.

Second, excellent resorts in the northern part of Egypt, on the Mediterranean Sea, with beaches covered with snow-white sand, and a less hot climate – in terms of quality of service and popularity, they may well soon catch up with Turkey, Spain, and Italy! By the way, it is better to spend May, June, July here – in Alexandria and Mersa Matrukh.

egypt treasures
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Almost 100% of tourists coming to Egypt attend at least one excursion. Some people, regardless of prices, devote their entire vacation to getting to know the country and its sights, without spending more than one day in one place.

And there is something to see: the legendary pyramids, and the ancient cities of Luxor, Cairo, Alexandria with many temples and museums, and the Valley of the Kings, and the Coloured Canyon, and the White Desert, where the sand is so hot during the day that it is impossible to touch it, and the Nile, covered with secrets, and many others.

To travel around the country, it is better to choose the winter months or at least March – April, because later (in May–September) it can be too hot here.

Beaches and excursions are not all that Egypt has to offer. The Red Sea off the coast of Sharma is one of the most popular places for divers from all over the world.

Knowledgeable, experienced lovers of diving, connoisseurs of underwater beauty go on vacation not to Israel, not to the Dominican Republic, not to Greece and not to Goa – coral reefs with their exotic inhabitants, sunken ships, steep walls with caves call divers to Egypt.

Diving equipment can be rented, and photos of the underwater world and other souvenirs are offered by every second store on the coast.

saiboat in egypt
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By choosing to enjoy Egypt, you can relax in the best places on the Red Sea. Here, every cubic meter is full of either a variety of corals or colourful fish. Here you can see a turtle or a moray eel swimming peacefully, watch how a dugong feeds on algae from the seabed just a couple of meters away from you, or swim with dolphins in the open sea.

You can rent a yacht just for yourself and enjoy complete tranquility, without fuss, visit all the islands at a time convenient for you or even the whole day.

There are also medical tours to Egypt. So, in Aswan they treat rheumatism and arthritis, in Safaga and Mars Alam they make life easier for psoriasis patients, in Siwa oasis they help to get rid of kidney stones, and so on.

Egypt will not disappoint you! See for yourself! Buy a tour to Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh and other tourist centers of Egypt. Choose and book!