Where to see alligators up close?

Where to see alligators up close
Photo by Hu Chen on Unsplash

To see alligators up close, you definitely need to go to Florida. An hour’s drive from the Miami stone jungle in Florida is a piece of wildlife – Everglades National Park. It cannot be said that it remained untouched by people, just the opposite, but an unusual pastime is provided for you!

How to organize a safari?

You can go to the park in different ways, you can walk along trails and swamps, canoe and ride bicycles. Contrary to usual, many who visited Everglades chose a simpler and more touristic way – safari. Any hotel in Miami has safari ads, it remains only to order a transfer. The trip will take you about 5 hours. For example, on the airboatineverglades.com you can order a transfer before and after traveling by airboat. The main thing is to book in advance, because demand is high.

Journey through Everglades

Such safari companies will pick you up at the specified address and take you to the park. Already at the entrance to the park, a canal begins, in which, if you’re lucky, you can see alligators; even if you’re not lucky, you can definitely see all sorts of birds.

You will be brought to the pier and almost immediately put into a hovercraft: the adventure begins! You will go straight through the swamp: the boat slides both on the grass and on the water.

The adventure is not only a water safari: after a boat trip, you will be invited to a small performance where you can take a closer look at alligators and other animals, as well as learn a lot about them.