What to Visit in Dublin City?

dublin at night
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Dublin is a great city for tourism. With its 1.8 million inhabitants, it “grinds” the tourist mass by the number of 3 times more in just a year. You will not find so many high-class, inexpensive attractions, and a lot of completely free ones in all the main capitals of Europe.

One day is critically short for exploring any major city with a rich history, and Dublin is no exception. The canter of Dublin is very compact and the main attractions are located close to each other.  For example, visiting the Dublin City Hall Museum is a visit to a majestic Georgian-style building. It was built at the end of the 18th century as the Dublin Royal Exchange.

dublin museum
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The building was designed by the famous architect Thomas Cooley.

  • Guides advise you to visit the National Museum. Its four departments are four separate museums: Archaeological, Natural History, Decorative Art and History and Rural Life. It may take a day to visit only 3 of its branches.
  • The National Gallery of Ireland is a museum with a collection of paintings by both world and local Irish artists. It is located next to Trinity College.
  • Located in the oldest state building in Ireland, the Royal Hospital built in 1648; the Museum of Modern Art demonstrates its collections of modern art. The building itself and the 17th-century English garden spread out around it are magnificent. It is located on the other side of the river from Phoenix Park.
  • The former Municipal Gallery of Modern Art houses a collection of works by contemporary artists no less significant than in the previous museum. At the moment, the museum exhibits works from the impressionist masters Monet and Degas to the works of today’s artists. There are more than 2000 pieces of art in total.
  • The National Archive, which has collected more than 5 million photographs related to Ireland. The collection includes photographs from 1840 to the present day on various topics: photojournalism, historical events, topography and early photographs of Ireland.
beautiful streets of dublin
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In general, there are a lot of interesting things here. So it’s better to stay longer in this wonderful city.