What Affects the Cost of a Private Plane Flight?

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Renting a private plane is the most convenient and attractive way to travel long distances. However, the cost of such a trip is appropriate — you will have to spend several tens of thousands of euros. The high price of this service is due to the high cost of aircraft maintenance and a number of other factors.

What makes up the cost of a private flight

As already mentioned, the private jet rent price is due to a number of factors. And the more different nuances and additional conditions the flight involves, the higher the price tag will be. It is worth noting that the price of a turnkey flight is announced to the client. These factors affect the cost of the flight:

  • Broker’s commission. The flight is usually organized by an intermediary company that finds and rents aircraft. In most cases, the customer does not know what share of the announced cost is the commission, and what is the direct lease of the aircraft, as well as does not know who is the owner of the vessel.
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  • Type of aircraft. The larger the vessel and the greater the distance it can cover, the more expensive it is. Conventionally, private planes can be divided into several categories (characteristics even within groups vary from plane to plane): turboprop, light jet, medium jet, long-haul jet, airliners, vip airliners.
  • Service on board. A flight attendant is appointed, premium—level meals are prepared – all these are significant expenses that increase in proportion to the number of passengers. Moreover, the client does not have to agree to the standard VIP menu – he can choose dishes from his favourite restaurant. In general, almost any wish of the passenger will be fulfilled, but, of course, the more “extravagant” the request, the more you will have to pay.
  • Airport fees and VIP terminal service. It is impossible to exclude this expense item, unless, of course, there are plans to land in an open field. The amount of the payment depends on the specific airport — the larger it is and closer to the capital or a big city, the more expensive the service.
  • Airplane parking. When renting a ship for a few days, the total amount of the flight on a private plane includes the cost of parking at the airport, and in winter you will have to pay for the hangar, which will add several thousand euros to the cost. At the same time, you can refuse from the hangar, but this will not reduce the costs, because in this case you will have to pay for pouring.
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In any case, a professional manager in his field should tell you how best to act in this or that situation. By the way, if the client’s plans change and he decides to stay for a longer period than was agreed, this will also entail additional costs.

These are the main criteria that affect the final amount, but in fact there are much more of them. Accompanying the flight, shifting the departure time and making any other changes will certainly entail an increase in the cost of a private flight.

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