Welcome to Australia

sydney photo
Photo by Caleb on Unsplash

Australia is a large continent, twice the size of Europe. It stretches from north to south and from west to east for thousands of kilometres, crossing various climatic zones. It is especially hot here from December to February (it is during these months that summer falls in the southern hemisphere). But in winter, from June to August, there is a rainy season, although they are still very rare. This means that there are many factors influencing the choice of time to travel around Australia.

Why you should go to Australia?

  • The country is really unusual, very different from others in both culture and nature;
  • The climate is generally favorable, it is especially pleasant that you can meet both summer and winter in Australia;
  • The waters of Australia are ideal for swimming, surfing and diving;
  • The natural attractions of the country are truly amazing;
  • The political situation in Australia is very calm, the residents are friendly;
  • The Australian version of English is quite understandable, so if you know this language, there will be no problems with communication;
  • There is much entertainment, especially for families with children;
  • Here you can see truly rare and unique animals in their natural habitat.
rock formation in australia
Photo by Victor on Unsplash

Some disadvantages

  • Some people will have to fly very far;
  • Vacation in the country is not cheap due to high prices for tickets and goods in the country;
  • There are no ancient architectural sights here;
  • For many, the climate of Australia seems too arid and hot, especially in the center of the country;
  • There is a risk of encountering dangerous marine animals.
koala on the tree
Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

As a result, Australia is a really exotic and interesting country for recreation, where you can swim, dive and see unusual nature. Still, it is suitable only for people more or less well-off, as well as those who are ready to face its wildlife and other difficulties.