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salar de uyuni bolivia
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The Uyuni Salt marsh is the world’s largest salt marsh located in Bolivia. Photographers come here to find views of unique scenery. This trip is included in tours to the southwestern Bolivia. If you like to visit unusual places on the planet, then you should choose one of the salar de uyuni tours.

Origin of the Uyuni salt marsh

The Uyuni Salt marsh includes more than 10,000 sq. km of land in the Potosi region. The thickness of the salt beds reaches 10 meters in the center. In the dry season, salt expanses are covered with dry flat salt, but a thin layer of water forms on the surface in the rainy season.

The Bolivian salt flats tour originates in the southwestern part of Bolivia. Here you can find many fluorescent lakes that were created from various minerals brought by mountain rivers.

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Who organizes the tours?

There are dozens of travel agencies offering this trip. Most of them are located around the main square of  Uyuni, where every second store is a travel firm. It is also advisable to find a group of people sharing your interests and/or language. Remember, only a proven agency will be able to organize a decent tour.

It is important to consult with other travelers to understand what kind of experience they had, vehicles, drivers and food on the trip. Still, it’s best to choose an exclusive Bolivian tour operator. It is because their team is made up of Bolivian travel and tourism professionals with a keen eye for offbeat and authentic experiences.

cactus on brown field near uyuni salt flat bolivia
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You can stay in one of the hotels built in salt blocks located near the salt plains, admire the view of the unimaginable and spectacular largest salt desert in the world with an area of approximately 12,000 sq. km. Here you can buy crafts made of salt, as well as observe the bubbling water on the surface in the so-called “eyes of water”, watch the work of residents to extract salt for sale.

You can visit Incahuasi Island, which is located in the heart of the salt marsh, it is characterized by the presence of giant cacti. You can stroll around the island, enjoying the breathtaking view of the salt marsh and appreciate the great white interweaving with the sky. You will also be able to see one of the most majestic sunsets in your life on the salt marsh!