Tips and Tricks for Traveling to the UK

a man with a suitcase looks at Canary Wharf in London
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Great Britain is one of the most popular tourist countries in the world. Several million people from all over the world come to the country every year. Most come to the UK as tourists, many do business here, some study. In any case, the population of the country is incredibly diverse in composition and extremely diverse.

Great Britain is a European country, incredibly different from another Europe. We can say that this is a completely different world, with its oldest and richest traditions and habits, which often the rest of the world simply does not understand.

Well, for example, in the UK, the volume units are imperial. A characteristic feature of the country for a long time has been almost complete rejection of metric units of measurement – practically, no one in any outlet or pub, until now, no one will be able to offer goods in kilograms, and beer in litres. However, the metric system gradually finds its way to the local market, therefore, in popular tourist areas it is much easier to navigate in weight or size than in the north of the country.

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To orient yourself in a very complex system of British measures, you can use a lot of «third-party tips» – most products have a barcode that is easily readable by vending machines in any units of measurement, packaging in pounds does not differ much from the half-kilogram packages we are familiar with, and a pint in a bar is traditionally equal to about half a litre (the size of mugs, respectively, also, similar). Or you can use a volume unit conversion. However, it should be borne in mind that British, American and Irish units of length, volume or weight sometimes differ markedly from each other, but there is only one beer pint – English.

In the UK, the mains voltage is 220 V., 50 Hz. Sockets are three–pin. It is supposed to be possible to rent an adapter at the reception, but in practice this is not always possible. The adapter can be bought in stores.

UK and EU plugs
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These are some of those simple but practical tips that you might not have thought about before. Now you will not have any difficulties when ordering at the bar or shopping in the store.