Special Transport: What To Pay Attention To When Choosing It

off road isinwheel near water
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When purchasing any type of electric scooter, you should pay attention to a number of things. If an electric scooter is purchased for quiet walks in the park or a fast ride along the road, you will have to choose between completely different models.

For a high-speed race on electric transport, you need to pay attention to off-road models with a powerful engine. The maximum speed that can be accelerated on an electric scooter is 100 km per hour. The power that the motor must have for such acceleration is at least 500 watts.

The average motor can allow you to accelerate on a scooter up to 40 km per hour; the engine power is up to 400 watts.

The larger the capacity of the battery, the longer you can ride without additional recharging.
Batteries with a capacity of up to 12 Am/h are enough for standard, non-high-speed types of electric transport. Still, if off-road trips are planned, it is advisable to choose a scooter with a capacity of 50 Am/h or more.

The voltage of the battery directly depends on the engine installed on the scooter. The higher it is, the more powerful the drive will be.

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It is also worth considering the weight category of the future owner of electric vehicles. You need to purchase a model designed for more weight. For example, if a user weighs about 100 kg, consider models weighing from 130 kg. It is better to take models with a margin according to the weight criterion.

Main characteristics of electric scooters for off-road driving

A distinctive feature of the off road electric scooter from the standard one is the presence of several characteristics.

In order to pass both a paved and a dirt road, the device must have a wheel diameter of 10-12 inches. Most often, inflatable wheels are installed on such models, since they absorb vibration better. Bumps and other road irregularities on the road will not be so noticeable. In addition, climbing the mountain will be much easier than using electric vehicles with small wheels.

The brake system should allow sharp, but at the same time accurate braking. This is a very important characteristic, since off-road electric vehicles can accelerate up to 100 km per hour: at this speed, rapid braking is one of the main safety indicators.

isinwheel scooter near water
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The high-power suspension will soften the blows in the presence of bad roads. The better it is, the more comfortable riding on such a scooter will be.

The load-bearing frame should not have many elements, welding on it should be minimal. The more unnecessary details, the more uncomfortable the ride will be.

Since off-road driving involves traveling on dirty and broken roads, you need to pay attention to the quality of protection of the electric scooter. In case of rain or snow, there is a high probability of water getting into the mechanism. The protection should minimize the ingress of moisture into the technical device.

Take a closer look at the iSinwheel models when choosing your electric scooter including for off-road walks.