Rome Without Many Limits

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Roma Pass is a touristic card that gives discounts on visiting Rome’s attractions and allows you to travel for free using public transport within the city.

What is included in the Roma Pass

Roma Pass card can be purchased in 2 types: for 48 hours and for 72.
With a card for 48 hours you get:
  • one free visit to a museum or archaeological site;
  • unlimited use of public transport;
  • discounts on museums and attractions after free admission.
With a 72-hour card you get everything the same, only instead of one free visit you get 2 and you can use the functions for an extra day.
Along with Roma Pass you will receive a free map of Rome and the surrounding area. It also highlights many of the archaeological sites you may want to visit. It also includes a Rome metro map, a map of attractions along the Appian Way, and a map of Ostia Antica.
You will also receive a booklet listing various current exhibitions or events, as well as travel services that offer a discount to Roma Pass card holders.
The only exception: the Museums of Vatican are not included in Roma Pass.
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Do you really need purchasing Roma Pass?

The services included in Roma Pass are valid for 2 or 3 days from the date of first use. Now you must decide whether it will be beneficial for you to use the card during this time.

Using Roma Pass to visit Rome attractions

Usually people come to Rome for 3 days. During this time you can see the main squares and fountains of Rome, the Vatican Museums, “Ancient Rome” and perhaps the Borghese Gallery museum. Since visiting and exploring the Vatican Museums will take a full day, there are only two days left to use Roma Pass to visit other interesting places in Rome.
Most people use Roma Pass to take advantage of free entry to the Colosseum and Galleria Borghese, as these are the most expensive attractions covered by the Roma Pass.

Using Roma Pass to skip the line

People most of all want to purchase a Roma Pass card in order to skip the queue to go somewhere. During high season, queues for two of Rome’s most popular attractions, the Colosseum and the Vatican, can be very long. Sometimes the wait can be more than an hour. Agree, no pleasure, especially in the summer heat!
When visiting other popular attractions in Rome, there will no longer be such queues (or they usually move quite quickly). But in any case, with Roma Pass card you will skip the line.
For example, sometimes in the summer you would have to wait a little to get to Castel Sant’Angelo, but with the Roma Pass you will get there without the queue.
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Where to buy Roma Pass

You can order the card online. To do this, go to a special website, select the desired date, and then options will be available to you. Choose the option for 48 hours or 72 hours, the required quantity and proceed to payment.
After you purchase Roma Pass online, you will receive an electronic version by email. You will need to go to the tourist information point, show this version and pick it up. The easiest way to do this is at the airport.
At Fiumicino Airport in Terminal 3 in the international arrivals area, after you have gone through passport control, taken your luggage, and gone through customs, you will immediately see Roma Pass sales office on the right. Open from 08:00 to 20:45.