Roofing Nailers
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Nailing guns significantly save time and effort on various monotonous works. There are roofing nailers. These tools are also used in decoration, installation work, rough construction, furniture assembly.

Types Of Nailers

Depending on the power supply, palm nailers are divided into several types.

  1. Gunpowder. The principle of operation is similar to firearms. The impact energy is transferred to the movable piston after ignition of the charge in the cartridge. They are the least popular nailers.
  2. Gas nailing guns work on the basis of flammable gas. The working chamber of the tool is filled with gas, where it mixes with air, after which it is ignited with a spark. A weak explosion occurs, the force of which absorbs the piston, due to the movement of which the nail is clogged into the surface.
  3. Pneumatic nailers. These tools are powered by compressors through which compressed air is supplied. You can find pneumatic nailers of different capacities in sale, from amateur models to professional devices with which you can drive 220 mm nails.
  4. Electric nailers. Most often, these are low-power tools designed to work with studs and pins.

How To Choose A Nailer

In addition to the type of drive, there are some other parameters to pay attention to while choosing a nailing gun.

  1. Magazine or drum. Tools that are equipped with cassette magazines are more compact in size, weigh less, and are more convenient to work in hard-to-reach places. However, the magazine can accommodate a small number of fasteners. Drum nailers hold a large number of consumables, but have increased dimensions and weight.
  2. Modes of operation. Expensive nailing elements have two modes of operation — “series/single”. Single shots are better used for finishing, series – for rough work.
  3. The ability to adjust the depth of driving nails. This feature is not available in every nailer, but it is very useful while working.
  4. There is an option of protection against accidental start.
  5. Access to the work area. In cheap models, you will have to use the adjustment key to get a stuck consumable.

An important point: assess the quality of materials of the body as well as the shape of the tool when choosing nailers. The body should be made of impact-resistant plastic with stiffeners, and the handle should be covered with rubberized pads, it is comfortable to lie in the hand.