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how to meet locals in london

The world’s most visited city is none other than London, England. London is known for its dreary climate, with gray skies and rainy days being its stereotype. Don’t let that stop you from putting London at the top of your travel destination list though!

London offers so many places to explore. Popular London landmarks include the Big Ben – the giant clock shown on most television programs set in England – along with other commonly visited London landmarks such as The London Eye and Buckingham Palace.

If theatre is your jam, try to catch a show at London’s version of Broadway – The West End – during your London travels. Or if you’re interested in smaller, less expensive shows, try seeing a show at one of the non-commercial London theatres.

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When you travel to London, make sure to try some of England’s most famed foods. Live as the Londonites do and try a full English fry-up for breakfast and fish and chips for lunch. And don’t forget the tea!

London is a very big city and it can be a bit overwhelming on your first visit. That’s why hanging out with someone that lives locally is a great idea. Locals can help you easily navigate a city and find all the best places to shop, eat, and have fun. To meet locals, try an APP like

On Citysurfing you can meet and book locals in London that are available to help first time travellers and people relocating.

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There’s London locals that will show you around; locals that offer tour guide services; locals that provide translation, photography, and videography services; and even locals that do pick ups, drop offs and drive-arounds.

When you meet locals during your travels, not only will you enjoy fun new experiences when you travel, but you’ll also create lasting friendships that often last a lifetime.