How to have a good time?

How to have a good time
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Almost all of us love to travel.  Especially if this is a trip to the most beautiful places in Malaga, straight from the UK.  And many of us prefer to travel by car, but there are not always places to park, especially abroad.  And then Red Parking Aeropuerto Málaga comes to the rescue.

What to visit in Malaga?

Malaga is a place suitable not only for summer beach holidays.  Thanks to its rich history, in Malaga you have opportunity to see many interesting architectural, historical and natural attractions that allure many tourists at any time of the year.

The best way to travel in this city is by car.  There are many different services in the Internet that will help you with your rental.  You just need to choose the right one, taking into account your needs.  And you can park your car directly at Parking Aeropuerto Malaga.

There are many cool places to visit in Malaga.  Starting from the Bishop’s Palace and the Cathedral, ending with the automobile museum and the botanical garden.  The main thing is to make yourself a small plan for the day in order to have time to visit everything.

Popular squares

The best place to start walking around Malaga is the Plaza de Marina.

If you are traveling by transport and are thinking where to go, you can quickly select a convenient route on the map.

The Plaza de Marina is the starting point for Via Marques de Larios.  This place will appeal to lovers of pleasant leisurely shopping.

From Marques de Larios you will go to the very center of the city – to the Constitution Square.  Picturesque old streets flock to it, and excursions begin from here.  Another popular place among tourists is Merced Square.  On the corner there is an old apartment building where Pablo Picasso spent the first years of his life.

Bars, nightclubs and restaurants are located nearby.  There are also cozy parks for recreation, so you will have a great time here during the hot time of the day.