How to Get around Rome as a Tourist

How to Get around Rome as a Tourist
Image by Francesco Maria Achille on Unsplash

The sights of Rome are so numerous that every day a huge number of tourists from all over the world come to see them. Rome is probably the most visited city in the world.

Roman sights reveal their treasures to you when you visit, because each museum stores an incredible number of world-class masterpieces in its halls. How to visit as many places as possible in a short time? There are some life hacks.

Purchase tickets in advance

In order not to stand in queues at the box office, it is better to buy tickets to the Colosseum and Roman museums online in advance. Tickets online are often discounted.

Maps for tourists

Maps for tourists
Image by Jordan Rowland on Unsplash

There are Roman tourist cards that, by buying in advance, you book yourself the time when you will visit a particular museum, and in what number of people. At the same time, Rome Tourist Card combines several tickets to 3 different museums at once. All tickets are sent to your email and stored on your phone, which is also very convenient. In addition, you will receive a voucher for a 10% discount. You will save your time when booking and with 100% probability visit those museums where you bought a ticket.

Get out earlier

Do you want to arrange a photo shoot at the main attractions of Rome without tourists in the background? Leave the house early in the morning. And believe me, 8 o’clock is already too late: the crowd at the Trevi Fountain gathers around 8:30. The most beautiful places for photo shoots: Via dei Coronari, steps near the Cucina del Teatro restaurant, morning Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps at sunrise.

Save on an audio guide

If you save money on an audio guide in a particular museum, you will be able to afford more visits to museums. For example, when purchasing a Rome City Card, an audio guide to 3 museums is included there, so you do not need to order a guide in them.

Life hacks for budget visits

Life hacks for budget visits
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On the first Sunday of every month, admission to the state museums in Rome is free. If you are planning a trip with a visit to a large number of museums, keep this in mind — by the way, the Colosseum is also one of them.

You can get acquainted with Rome as part of a walking tour for free — for comparison, travel companies charge up to 30 euros per person for this. It’s called a free walking tour: just search in any search engine.

Follow these tips, and your trip will only be a pleasant memory for you.