How to Choose the Right Electric Scooter

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If you go to an electric vehicle store, or start searching for an electric scooter on the Internet, you will see a myriad of options that differ in many parameters. As an example, visit the iScooter brand page. The electric scooter has managed to prove itself well not only as a full-fledged alternative to public transport in summer, but also as a means of entertainment and recreation gaining increasing popularity.

Why do you need an electric scooter?

Electric scooter allows you to get to work or on business avoiding traffic jams. If you use the subway, it will save you time and effort on the way from home to the station, and then from the destination station to your place of work.

Take a ride on a cool summer evening along the embankment or in the park, meet friends or visit relatives – an electric scooter will become your faithful friend and assistant.

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Electric scooter costs

Unlike a car, an electric scooter does not require expenses for washing and parking. You should not buy an insurance policy and gasoline.

Nevertheless, there are cost items that are relevant for this type of transport. Still, they are significantly lower than the cost of a car:

  • Initial costs. They include the purchase of the electric scooter and the necessary accessories (headlight or a phone mount).
  • Repair costs. In case of a fall, you can damage the throttle handle or brake levers. Still, over time, a more serious malfunction – a battery failure – is possible. Buy an electric scooter in a large store, where it is guaranteed.
  • Electricity costs. You need to determine the cost of one charge. To do this, find out the energy intensity of the battery in watt-hours (Wh). If such a parameter is not specified in the characteristics, simply multiply the rated voltage by the capacity in ampere-hours.
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Now you can decide whether you should buy an electric scooter or not.