How to choose the best hotel for a holiday?

Longcross Hotel, Trelights, Port Isaac, Cornwall, UK
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The first criterion of choice is the price. The second is the location. The third is the availability of the necessary services: whether it is a conference center, a swimming pool, a spa center or a children’s room. Then there are more specific requests: is it possible to bring a dog to the hotel, how many meters to the nearest beach.

For example, you decided to live in Amsterdam and for this you filtered all hotels on the booking site by price. As a result, you have chosen the most inexpensive. But upon arrival, you realized that it was not in the city, but at the airport. As a result, you spent so much on trips to the city and back that you could rent a hotel in the center.

For example, The large booking system like this will be the most convenient solution to this issue, and filter hotels by distance from the center or main attractions. You can see its exact location on the built-in map.

Is the price also most affected by location?

Not only for this reason. The price also depends on the seasonality. Of course, beach resorts are more expensive in summer, and ski resorts are more expensive in winter. For example, prices for hotels in Japan rise in the spring during the cherry blossom season, and in the wine regions of France and Italy in the autumn – after the harvest. If you are going to go to a popular tourist destination on these dates, it is better to book accommodation several months in advance. It is unlikely that you will be able to find a good accommodation at an adequate price right before the trip. To save money and book a hotel profitably, try to drive on different dates and see how prices change.

How to find out about all the subtleties?

This is really very common. Some hoteliers are very inventive, and on their websites they present hotels in the best light.

And it is better to learn about the work of the hotel itself – cleanliness, quality of food, comfort of beds and other nuances – from the reviews of former guests.

However, it is also impossible to unconditionally believe other people’s impressions — good or bad. Sometimes hotels just write positive reviews to themselves — although recently booking services have been actively struggling with such rating fraud.