How To Choose An Electric Scooter?

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Before buying an electric scooter, decide how often you will ride it, and what distance you are going to cover every day. The experts of the iSinwheel brand are ready to pick up a comfortable scooter model for you.

Less than 5 kilometers per day

If you are going to ride an electric scooter only from time to time, it is enough to choose a basic option with a short battery life, but with a good braking system.

Up to 15 kilometers per day

For more intensive use, it is better to choose models with great autonomy and high power in order to be able to quickly reach your destination. They must be equipped with an impeccable braking system, be light in weight and have good lighting. Ideally, the electric scooter should have a folding design and a digital display to make trips more comfortable. Pay attention to the s9pro electric scooter.

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More than 20 kilometers per day

If you need to travel distances above 20 kilometers every day, an ordinary electric scooter may not suit you. Be sure to take a closer look at the s9max electric scooter models.

What else to pay attention to?

You should also pay attention to the size of the wheels, the type of braking system, rated power, maximum speed and battery life.

Wheel size

The size of the wheels greatly affects how an electric scooter behaves while driving. The wider they are, the greater the inertia, which not only increases the maximum speed, but also requires higher power. Wide wheels have great convenience, as they calmly tolerate the roughness of the road surface and can overcome small obstacles.

Brake system

An electric scooter is usually equipped with a rear brake that is operated by one foot. More powerful models have disc brakes that can stop vehicles under almost any circumstances. As with a car, the brake disc slows down somewhat at first, and then is blocked by powerful jaws.

Magnetic braking has become very common in recent years. It is quite effective, as it stops the vehicle in a matter of seconds and allows you to charge the battery, increasing autonomy by several kilometers.

Rated power

Like any other electric vehicle, the scooter is equipped with an engine that drives the driving wheel. It can be located in the front or back of the device, and its power can be 150-1600 watts.

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Maximum speed

Of course, every user wants to purchase a vehicle that can reach high speed. Still, most electric scooters can accelerate up to 20-25 kilometers per hour. Although many novelties are able to increase this number to 40-85 kilometers.

Battery Type

There are two technologies in the manufacture of batteries for scooters:

  1. Lead-acid battery is heavy and slow to charge, but has an affordable cost. In recent years, it has become less common, due to its low operational qualities.
  2. Lithium battery is more compact, has a low weight and charges faster than lead-acid batteries. It costs a lot, but it has a long service life and provides good autonomy.

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