How to choose a restaurant abroad to eat?

How to choose a restaurant abroad to eat
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Visiting places like Port Isaac or any other old town immersed in the sphere of the Middle Ages, you will want to stay in this atmosphere as long as possible and have dinner, for example, in the castle. You can take advantage of this opportunity by visiting the These places will be a great option for romantic evenings or to celebrate a special event.

But if you want to get a different atmosphere, but you don’t know what exactly you want, then choosing a restaurant abroad can take an hour. There are a few myths that don’t need to be followed.

Myth 1: we leave the tourist trail and look out for the locals

Myth 1
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For example, in the heart of Germany — Berlin — German is spoken very little, so as not to offend anyone. Even the indigenous people prefer to communicate in English. And there are so many bars, restaurants and cafes that the eyes run away. And there is no city center as such, therefore, cafes “for tourists” are dispersed throughout the city.

If you come to Italy to try the famous cuisine, it is better to ask about such places directly: on forums, from friends, from a taxi driver or a waiter at your hotel.

Myth 2: we are looking for a more authentic queue and author’s cuisine

Myth 2
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Not always long queues and tables booked a year in advance can guarantee that you will enjoy truly authentic cuisine. Conversely, many local forms of catering seem unattractive at first glance, but in fact they are worthy of close attention.

Myth 3: we are looking for an unusual menu and modern ways of cooking

Yes, the sign of a good restaurant in Italy, France or Spain is a special menu specific only to this region. But, as a rule, the main menu fits on one page. Even better, if the waiter gives it to you in a fluent local dialect. A significant criterion for many European restaurants is not so much diversity as the preparation of dishes from seasonal local products.

Myth 4: we are looking for round-the-clock establishments

Myth 4
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Going on a trip, many people plan to get up early and spend whole days looking at the city’s sights, going to the cafes they like along the way. The owners of local cafes and restaurants adhere to a strict schedule and do not chase the number of visitors.

So, in Italy, local-oriented restaurants operate on the same schedule. Lunch — strictly from 12.00 to 14.30 (maximum until 15.00), aperitif (drink + free snacks) — from 17:00 to 19:00, dinner — from 19.00 to 22.00-23.30. Locals are in no hurry for dinner and often come closer to 20:00 pm. The restaurant may be closed between meals.