How to Choose a Hotel in Cyprus?

hotel with pool
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The question of choosing hotels is relevant for many tourists, so these tips will help you decide on a variety of different options. So, what do you need to pay special attention to, what arguments should be taken into account when choosing the right hotel?


This point goes first for a reason: remember that Cyprus is an island of volcanic origin, many beaches are rocky and not particularly comfortable, especially for holidays with kids. This should be taken into account when booking hotels in Paphos or Limassol. This feature of the coast is characteristic of these cities.

person on cyprus beach
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Akamas Peninsula will pleasantly surprise you with black volcanic sand, but there are no hotels in the area – the nearest village is Latchi resort or Paphos, so you can consider the paphos hotel deals or houses in Latchi. Another feature – often the deck chairs are located not by the sea, but on the lawn – this is the norm for Cyprus. If you want to lie down by the water – you need to look for another accommodation option.

Beaches in Cyprus are municipal – this means that you can easily relax on any of them, but it’s better to look for a hotel near the sea – it’s hot enough in Cyprus and an extra 10-20 minutes on foot or in transport will negatively affect the quality of rest.

Type of food

Cyprus has excellent cuisine, there are many cafes and taverns, the portions of food are huge, the cost of lunch or dinner is democratic. Therefore, hotels where “All inclusive” are rare and not popular. As a rule, tourists choose a standard breakfast or breakfast + lunch.

a lot of food on the table
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View from the window

To come to the island and enjoy the construction site is stupid, of course, you don’t plan to stay in the room all the time, but you must agree, it’s so nice in the morning or at sunset to enjoy the seascape.

These are just the main points, everyone has an individual approach to choosing a hotel, in particular, it depends on who you are traveling with and how long you plan to rest in Cyprus.