How Many Vegan Restaurants in the UK

Image by Pixabay
Image by Pixabay

Veganism has long become a lifestyle for many people, and the number of vegans in the world is only growing every year.

In today’s UK, you can find anything, and there is definitely no shortage of vegetarian restaurants here. Since vegetarianism became fashionable, the chefs of the UK do not get tired of competing with each other in inventing original and mouth-watering dishes without meat. For example, you can take a gastronomic tour of London or visit vegan restaurants Glasgow.

The vast majority of vegans live in urban or suburban areas of the UK (88%), while only 12% of them live in rural areas. The largest number of vegans is in London, which is 22% of all UK vegans.

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London has entered the top 10 most vegan cities in the world. Many supermarkets in the UK have vegan products on sale under their own brand; an increasing number of gourmet restaurants and outdoor cafes now offer a vegan menu. The share of vegan restaurants in cosmopolitan London reaches 19%!

Not long ago, everyone who was looking for vegetarian dishes in the city, did not leave the Shoreditch area of London. However, in recent years there has been a real “vegetarian revolution” in the British capital. Now, in addition to vegan restaurants in London, most traditional pubs have a separate vegetarian menu. The largest chain of bakeries Greggs provides vegetarian pastries.

A list of the best vegetarian restaurants in Britain has also recently been published. The London restaurant Morgan M takes the first place in the list. Its guests are able to taste vegetarian dishes of French cuisine, for example, gazpacho with eggplant dumplings or tomato sorbet in olive oil.

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The Vegetarian Food Studio restaurant located in Cardiff takes the second place. Here guests are served Indian pies with beans, vegetarian noodles, pancakes with rice and pepper and other delights of Asian cuisine. In third place belongs to the Bristol restaurant Maitreya, whose menu includes many exotic dishes from the chef (for example, seaweed salad with garlic), prepared exclusively from organic products.

Attitudes towards veganism are changing partly due to an increasingly positive image in the media. You can go to any supermarket and encounter a huge selection of vegetable milk and other ethical products. As consumers become more aware of the realities of animal industries, as well as the negative effects of eating meat and other animal products on the human body, this boom will only continue.