How do Travel Sites Make Money

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Tourism sector is one of the most competitive for promotion. Have you ever wondered how successful travel sites like Australia Guides sell out quickly and how their SEO helps them do that? Here, SEO specialists will face an abundance of aggregators for commercial queries and constantly appearing blocks that clog the first results for information queries. How do they manage and what do advanced sites do?

Emphasis on the end of the wording of the request

Many people indicate in search queries the conditions for purchasing a tour that are important for themselves: travel dates, type of food, number of vacationers, tour operator, and many others. A special case is the city of departure. Some users indicate this moment when searching for tours, but even if the city is not specified, search engines consider such requests to be geo-dependent, that is, programs covertly substitute the name of the user’s region in the request.

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To sum up, it is necessary to collect the widest possible semantic core, constantly look for the least competitive queries and create pages for them. It should also be taken into account that at the time of creating the page there may not be any requests if it was created in the off-season in this direction.

Social proof

Are tours sold and thought that it will be enough to post reviews on the site to gain the trust of visitors? No matter how! People tend to trust only third-party resources, in particular social networks.

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Tourist agents develop their representations in social networks, increase coverage, publish materials (useful articles and last burning tours) with a link to the site. It is much easier for a brand that has a loyal audience to break through in the search results. This rule applies to all subjects.