How Can You Book a Taxi in Advance in Sri Lanka

taxi sign on the roof of the car
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We all use taxis from time to time, especially when traveling. It is convenient and inexpensive, allows you to quickly get from point A to point B for relatively little money. Some passengers prefer a TAXI booking Sri Lanka in advance, in order to avoid unnecessary stress at the last moment. An order can be made either by phone call or using mobile applications, by placing a call to the car on the desired date and time. There are many taxi services  in Sri Lanka to take you safely and quickly from the airport to another locality.

Booking a taxi in advance – what is important to understand before ordering?

Taxi services do not initially link early orders to a specific driver. The date and time of your order are entered into the service database, and about an hour and a half before the desired time, the system starts searching for a driver to fulfil your order. When the driver is there, he receives your coordinates, the route and the amount that the passenger will have to pay. The driver goes to the place and picks up the client.

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At the same time, it is not uncommon for drivers to simply not arrive at the right time. Reviews about the Tangalle taxi service should be read on the Internet before booking a taxi, especially if you are going to another country, and a taxi will be the first thing you will do upon arrival. In order to avoid such situations, we recommend setting the booking time in advance so that in the absence of the booked car, you can have time to call another one.

How to book a car for a certain time

The Sri Lanka taxi service website allows you to book a taxi in advance for the date and time necessary for the passenger before the date of the trip. You must fill out a certain form on the website so that the dispatcher can contact you by phone or WhatsApp.

If the driver has not accepted the order, you can easily cancel the trip or change its conditions. If the driver has already accepted the order, you will be charged for the cancellation of the trip.

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They also have an option to choose the type of taxi, it all depends on the number of people you book a taxi for. You can book both a mini car for 2 passengers and a mini bus for transporting a whole group of 16 people. This is especially true for companies that organize tours and they need to deliver their customers to the hotel. Then the delivery service mini bus will be a great solution.