Great Idea for Your Next Trip

Traveling is an opportunity to see unknown places, taste unfamiliar cuisine, and meet new people; it allows you to change your environment and reboot your brain. But where should you go next time? This is always a difficult and interesting question. Great ideas can be found in special travel blogs, for example

What is the best trip to take

When it comes to traveling in England, then one of the best destinations is Cornwall. This county in the south-west attracts lovers of legends about King Arthur, admirers of the work of Daphne du Maurier, connoisseurs of Celtic history and the history of piracy … And it is also an amazingly beautiful corner of England, where you will admire the endless ocean, lakes, rocks, castles and ruins, dolmens and abandoned quarries and, of course, distinctive fishing villages.

Image by topsy_toby98 from Pixabay

One of them is Port Isaac. In the past, it was a small but active port, but now it is rather a tourist destination. Driving in the narrow streets is difficult, so it is better to leave your car in the parking lot, and go for a walk. Many buildings in Port Isaac are protected as architectural monuments. Fans of TV series will certainly want to visit Doc Martin’s house. The series about a London surgeon who decided to move to a quiet fishing village was filmed here. Of course, the restaurant or pub is also worth a visit. Everyone should try the freshest fish and seafood! However, those who do not like seafood will find something to feast on. In order to more thoroughly delve into the life of Port Isaac, tourists can use the Hoteling software and book a room in one of the hotels or holiday cottages.

Of course, this is just one of the possible destinations for your trip, but it is definitely worth a visit.