From Port Isaac to Mallorca

From Port Isaac to Mallorca
Image by Andreas64 from Pixabay

If you spend every weekend in Port Isaac, then sometimes for a change you can go to Mallorca and stay for a week at Ferienwohnung Colonia Sant Jordi. In general, every traveler should visit this wonderful place at least once in his life.

Why should you go to Mallorca?

Why should you go to Mallorca? Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands, located in the western Mediterranean off the coast of Spain. The island can be reached by plane, passenger or car ferries that go here from Barcelona and Valencia.

In Mallorca, you will see a beautiful coastline, world-class architectural monuments, as well as international events and festivals.

Mallorca has favorable climatic conditions, most tourists come to the island from May to October. August here is the hottest month of the year. Vacation temperatures rarely drop below 30°C. Mallorca can be divided into three most important tourist areas: southern (Paguera, Magaluf), northern (Alcudia) and eastern (Sillot, Cala d’Or).

Mallorca beaches

Mallorca has a very diverse coastline with over 500 km and over 200 different beaches. Nearly 60 of them currently have Blue Flag status. The east coast of the island consists of small sandy coves that are ideal for swimming and diving.

Nightlife in Mallorca

During the summer months, the south of Mallorca becomes one of the most interesting places in Europe. Numerous bars, clubs and discos come alive here until the morning. Most cities and towns have DJ bars, while exclusive cocktail bars and wine bars await the more laid back crowd.