Comfortable life on the island

St. Maarten
Photo by Janne Simoes on Unsplash

If, after visiting Port Isaac, you were impressed by the port life and would like to try to live near the coast near the sea, then the island of St. Maarten is just what you were looking for.


St. Maarten offers a wide selection of very different real estate, which is provided for both personal use and business organization. Moreover, here it can be owned not only by local residents, but also by foreign citizens. You can find out what documents are needed to obtain residency on

The most prestigious and expensive real estate on the island are luxury villas on the coast.

It is this sphere that is the main source of income for the French territory. And the Dutch part is an offshore zone where a large number of different foreign companies are registered. There is also no tax on any real estate and income from its sale.

Comfort of life

Unlike other islands, St. Maarten Island has a high-quality and well-developed communication system.

In general, St. Maarten is characterized by a fairly low crime rate, but pickpocketing still happens here, as in any other country.

The cuisine is as interesting as the island itself. It is based on a mixture of European, Creole and Caribbean traditions, and its basis is seafood, which abounds in the surrounding waters.

The island has a tropical climate, so the weather is dry and very warm all year round. In the summer season, daytime air temperatures range from +27…+32 °C, and in winter almost never fall below +24 … +25 °C. Only thanks to the good sunny weather is it worth thinking about life on the islands.