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Сherished Resort
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The Snowdonia National Park was founded in 1951 to preserve the oak and beech forests, mountain meadows and heath on the slopes of the Cambrian Mountains.

Snowdonia spread over 2,170 sq. in the north of Wales. It got its name after the highest mountain in Wales – Snowdon, soaring to 1085 m. There is a fantastic view of the British Isles, and you can see Ireland from its top. Climbing trails, a funicular and a narrow-gauge railway, opened in 1896 and still operating, lead to Snowdon.

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Snowdonia impresses with the diversity and beauty of landscapes: majestic mountains, picturesque valleys, ancient forests, sparkling lakes and the sea coast stretching for 60 km. There are the highest in Wales 80-meter waterfall Pistill Rhaidr with three ledges and the largest natural lake Bala, as well as many hiking, cycling and horseback riding routes.

The beautiful landscapes formed due to volcanoes and glaciers extinct in prehistoric times. Mount Kader Idris, 892 m high, is distinguished by its chair-like shape and its name means “Idris Seat” in Welsh. It is worth visiting the local largest lake Bala, Snowdonia with the nearby village of the same name. There are also good opportunities for rock climbing, fishing. The territory is rich in forest and mountain gorges, teeming with waterfalls; abandoned mine workings are also curious. Snowdonia has preserved forest and mountain fauna. People meet gray seals and numerous seabirds on the coast. The state pays special attention to the study and maintenance of the local avifauna.

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In addition to active recreation, you can visit medieval towns, Llanberis or Conwy, ancient castles such as Carnarvon and Harhel, and get acquainted with Celtic culture at local festivals. Quite often, various historical films and television shows are filmed in the vicinity of Snowdonia.